Gopalganj is a city, municipality and headquarters of Gopalganj district in Bihar. It was fixed out of old Saran district on October 2, 1973. Gopalganj was portion of erstwhile Saran district which encompassed Chhapra, Gopalganj and Siwan. In the 18th century, it was ruled by governed Hathwa Raj, which encompassed 1,366 villages. Under the British rule it was a part of Bengal authority till the early 19th century. In the 19th century with dived of Bengal in 1905. After dived it fell under the newly created Bengal which consisted of present-day Bihar and Orissa. It was portion of saran district till 1973. On 2 October 1973, the District Saran was divided to give birth to three districts Siwan, Chappra and Gopalganj.


Gopalganj protections 2,034 square Kilometers of area and ranks as the 25th largest district in the state of Bihar. In the western part, it is mostly plains and fertile land. It has Gandak River flowing southwards. It is located on the North-west of Bihar and is a border of district. Touching Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.


Gopalganj is connected to the West Champaran district in the north, the place where Mahatma Gandhi started his revolution for freedom, East Champaran district in east, the Satyagrah Andolan, Chhapra district in south-east, Siwan district in South, Kushinagar district in North-west and Deoria district in West.


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