Jamshedpur the one of the best and largest city in Jharkhand is home to India’s first ever private iron and steel company. Jamshedpur is considered one of the best intentional industrial cities in the country. Famously referred to as Tata Stile Company. Well, the land is not all industries, nature lovers, it is rich in natural beauty as well and hence you can pack up to land here to knowledge a situation where the flourishing industries have not spoilt the natural properties but have helped to maintain the prettiness of the land. Here are the top real estate company visit in Jamshedpur.

GODAWARI_NEW_WORKAt a height of 3000 ft above sea level and just 14 km from Jamshedpur, Dalma hills is one of the most famous visited tourist end point in the land. The views from the hills are huge. Wildlife sanctuary, the dense forests, and Lord Shiva temple attract tourists in excessive numbers. The calmness of the hills makes it a perfect place for relaxing. Adventure hunters are not disappointed as well. Since there is scope for walking and mount climbing, the more courageous minds do not allow themselves to be tight down by its spectacular beauty.Manglam-Row-House

In Jamshedpur Jubilee Park gifted by Tata Steel industry, covers an area of 230 acres. It was establish in the year 1956. With Vrindhavan Garden in Mysore as the motivation behind its manufacture, Jubilee Park delights the visitors with its stunning landscape. The three colored cascades look stunning in the evening when illuminated. Well keep up trees and patches make this place exceedingly beautiful. Some of the units in the park include Smriti Udyan, Rose Garden, Foliage Park and Tata Steel Zoological Park.

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