Gopalganj District comes into presence on 2nd October’1973. It was a part of old Saran District and has closed linked with the history of parent’s district. Later it was a Sub – Division of Saran District.


The District of Gopalganj placed on the West North corner of the Bihar State, and it is surrounded on East by Champaran and Gandak River on the South by Siwan District, and West Deoria District of Uttar Pradesh on the North. The river Gandak supported by rivers like Khanwa, Jharahi, Dhanahi, Daha etc. give a big status of river. Due to this land of District is productive and alluvial because of this river the District is noble in farming and irrigation. The river communicates success to the people to play and imperative role in making the District major and unique. River Gandak by placing the top quality of soil bringing from the Nepal, place and main role in the budget of the District.


Today Gopalganj growing with top 10 real estate company. Real estate companies are giving natural beauty of Gopalganj with building new model with new technology Home, Bungalow, flat, apartment. Everyone people want to leave your own dream home with good society so Top 10 Real Estate Company in Gopalganj is Vastu Vihar, it is lunched new project in Gopalganj.


Gopalganj is also growing with premier educational place with many collages in the field of computer science. Modern Gopalganj is now boasts of vast industrial area, education institutes and good hospital. The city is well developed with good roads, shopping mole, residential area, with good infrastructure in communication and transport.