Kolkata is a third major metropolitan city of India, has been known as the commercial capital of Eastern India , Kolkata is the only IT hub in the eastern region. Kolkata has highest market conceivable value share among the Indian State and the living cost is affordable as compare to all other cities in India.Manglam-Row-House

Real Estate Properties in Kolkata is no longer a factor of secure investment for the property investors rather this has turned out to be a place of higher profit along with stability.

Real Estate scenario have gone for an absolute revolution recently. It has been showing a great improvement across all the sectors of the realty sector i.e. commercial or residential property.


The demand for residential real-estate in the city is continue increasing. This is primarily because the cognitive higher living standards offered in the city, including connectivity and accessibility to basic infrastructure, which remains in high priority.

Kolkata is on the threshold of modernization and is rapidly adapting to establish itself as a world-class city. This will continue to increase demand for space in the city and also rentals upwards.


Better connectivity and easy openness with the help of the Metro and easy availability of land space is expected to boost the pace of construction of realty projects and inspiration the pricing in the near future.

The High end luxurious projects have increased by an appreciable amount in the past few year and are expected to rise even further because of the stability of the Real Estate market. Kolkata property market is lively with activity as it welcomes new construction and re-developments.Godawari-single-ex-view

It is safe to say that around 65% of Kolkata’s residential real estate sector is driven by property investors. Overall residential property rate in the city appreciated in the range of 9–15% over the past nine months.

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